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hagen + co

Hagen + Co earrings are designed and based in Auckland, New Zealand. After spending 10 years in Melbourne, Nicole, founder wanted to head home to New Zealand and created a fun, colourful brand full of life and colour.

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Clover Huggies EarringClover Huggies Earring
Clover Huggies Earring Sale price$45.00 AUD
Wildflower EarringsWildflower Earrings
Wildflower Earrings Sale price$40.00 AUD
Paris EarringsParis Earrings
Paris Earrings Sale price$59.00 AUD
Fantail Trio EarringsFantail Trio Earrings
Fantail Trio Earrings Sale price$55.00 AUD
Fantail EarringsFantail Earrings
Fantail Earrings Sale price$50.00 AUD
Storm EarringsStorm Earrings
Storm Earrings Sale price$70.00 AUD
Clover Tear Drop EarringClover Tear Drop Earring
Clover Tear Drop Earring Sale price$55.00 AUD
Mini Wildflower Earrings
Mini Wildflower Earrings Sale price$20.00 AUD
Tokyo EarringsTokyo Earrings
Tokyo Earrings Sale price$50.00 AUD
Lucky Star EarringsLucky Star Earrings
Lucky Star Earrings Sale price$64.00 AUD
Mini Heart EarringsMini Heart Earrings
Mini Heart Earrings Sale price$24.00 AUD
Happy Hour EarringsHappy Hour Earrings
Happy Hour Earrings Sale price$45.00 AUD